Electric Panel Upgrades

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Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

We offer electrical panel upgrades in Parker, CO and beyond

Keeping your power sources up-to-date is important for safety and reliability. JGS Electric LLC is your source for electrical panel upgrades for Parker, CO and the surrounding areas. Choose a panel upgrade - with the option to add new circuit breakers - that's right for your area property. Our team will make the necessary upgrades quickly and efficiently for time and money savings.

Pick an electrical panel upgrade today by calling 720-933-8416.

When to upgrade your electrical panels

Is it time for a panel upgrade? Call our team today if you notice

  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells
  • Scorch marks

We recommend a panel upgrade every 15-25 years. Electrical panel upgrades will also become necessary if you're installing more modern appliances.

To get a new Eaton electrical panel - or another brand of electrical panel - contact our team today.